U-Vue Color Push Camera Inspection System with DVR Player/Recorder



The U-Vue™ by UEMSI/HTV® is a color push camera system that revolutionizes UEMSI/HTV’s already highly respected product line. It is American made, and has become the industry standard for quality and durability.

Having ‘backwards’ compatibility, the U-Vue power control unit(PCU) will work with almost any UEMSI/HTV push reel and camera head from the past 27 years. With features like a Pelican™ case housing the monitor and control unit, a touchscreen DVR that records to a USB thumb drive or SD card, and available Wi-Fi for transferring files to a smartphone or tablet, you will have a system like no other. Best of all, the entire monitor and control unit assembly is water resistant, so it can be used in wet weather without concern.

The push reel comes equipped with 200’ of UEMSI/HTV’s proven multi-conductor, nylon-jacketed video push cable. This cable is the strongest in the industry enabling the user to push long runs, yet flexible to handle tight corners in small pipe. A water-blocking gel is included inside the cable to prevent water infiltration if it were to become damaged.

The standard CM-1 color camera head has been time-tested, giving people many years of dependable service.


U-Vue: Equipped with everything in Standard Features.
U-Vue Ultra: Equipped with everything the U-Vue has, plus the Data Display III package, which includes a water resistant mini keyboard to add on-screen text, and onscreen digital footage. Footage is accurately  measured using a measure wheel instead of being calculated by reel revolution.

u vue inspection sewer camera











The U-Vue Ultra system is shown with standard features, including reel w/200’ of video push cable, CM-1 color camera head and Data Display III package with keyboard.



Pro Eye Self-Leveling Color Camera Head: This camera automatically keeps the picture upright, so the picture is always right side up. It is 1.67” in diameter, 2.375” long, and has 21 LEDs.
CH-3 Color Camera Head: This camera is used for televising larger pipe, such as mainlines. It is 2.25” in diameter, 3” long, and has 12 high-output LEDs.



• Durable, water resistant Pelican™ case that houses the water resistant monitor and control unit assembly
• 10.4” sunlight readable color LCD monitor
• Built-in touchscreen DVR player/recorder that records to a USB thumb drive or an SD card
• Variable light intensity
• 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC operation
• Built-in storage area with hinged lid, for cords, tools, etc.
• Microphone to voice onto recording
• Video output VGA connection
• 200’ of nylon-jacketed video push cable on durable powder coated steel reel with wheels
• CM-1 color camera head with 3” – 5” brush skid




• Durable steel construction
• Maintenance-free slip ring
• Rugged wheels for easy mobility
• Fiberglass rod imbedded in video cable for rigidity
• 4″ fl exible spring for easy bend negotiation
• Reel dimensions: 34″ H x 14″ W x 30″ L
• Reel weight w/ 200′ of cable: 49 lbs.
• Hand brake prevents reel from turning during transport
• EZ Termination for faster field service
• Cable Quick Disconnect for easy cable replacement



• Video output: 1.0 V p-p NTSC standard, 75 ohm
• Imaging device: 2 lux solid state
• 2:1 interlace scanning
• Scan frequency: 15.734 KHz; 59.9 Hz
• 300,000 pixels
• 460 lines (h) resolution
• 100º lens, 2.5 mm, f 1.8
• Power: 12 VDC
• O-Ring sealed aluminum housing
• Equipped with 15 white LEDs
• Variable light output
• Lighthead housing: High strength, clear polycarbonate
• Camera dimensions: 1.4″ OD x 2″ L
• Camera weight: 3 oz.



• Water-resistant Pelican™ power control unit case
• Hinged lid with built-in storage compartment
• Complete monitor and camera controls with variable light intensity
• 10.4” sunlight readable color LCD monitor
• DVR player / recorder that records directly to a USB thumb drive card or SD card
• Video output VGA connection
• Light head power supply: 0-12 VDC
• Case dimensions: 7.25” H x 15.5” W x 18.75” L
• Weight: 17.5 lbs.



U-Vue Color Push Camera Inspection System


• 250’ , 300’, 400’ and 500’ Cable Lengths
• Data Display I Package
• Wi-Fi USB Thumb Drive and SD card


Pelican™ is a trademark of Pelican Products, Inc.