Prowler™ Wheeled Transporter

The Prowler™, by UEMSI/HTV®, is an extremely durable six-wheel drive transporter. It is designed for use in 8” relined through 48” pipe with heavy debris and sand. Standard with the Prowler, are three sizes of wheels and tires for maximum traction, and a lift to center the camera in large pipe. The Prowler has a
two-speed transmission, which has amazing pulling strength. It can actually double the torque of the unit with the balloon tires installed. With the Prowler’s sealed internal all-wheel drive system, maintenance is very low.

The Prowler has six 4.375” diameter tires for use in 8” relined – 8″ pipe, six 5.0” diameter tires for use in 10” – 15” pipe and four 10.5” diameter balloon tires for use in 18” – 48” pipe. With the four balloon tires installed, the Prowler can still utilize two smaller center drive wheels to help the transporter maneuver over large obstacles.

Standard on the Prowler, is the industry’s first quick change wheel system, the Roto-Lok™. It is mainly used for 18” – 48” pipe to quickly and easily set up the Prowler for different pipe sizes. Instead of removing and installing numerous bolts, which is very time consuming, the Roto-Lok system allows the user to lock the wheel and spacer onto the hub by twisting the wheel in a clockwise direction. It is then secured with only one setscrew.

Made in the USA.




• Six-wheel drive
• Dual speed forward, neutral and reverse transmission
• Fully sealed transmission and drive enclosure
• Brass and stainless steel construction
• Variable speed to 65 feet per minute
• Operates in 8” relined through 48” diameter pipe
• Manual camera lift
• Operates with UEMSI/HTV and all other 3” diameter multi-conductor cameras
• Includes Roto-Lok hubs for quick and easy wheel changes



• Variable speed drive control
• Spring-loaded directional safety switch for forward, neutral and reverse movement
• Amp meter to monitor the electrical working load level
• Power indicator light
• 20’ quick connect cable hook-up



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