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Piranha® 1/2″ Mainline Thermoplastic Sewer Cleaning Hose – [Green]

Ripsaw Rotating Turbo Nozzle – 3200 PSI

3D Extreme Nozzle

Chisel Nozzle

Pipe Wolf Nozzle

Primus Nozzle

H2TR Manhole Protection Rings

U-Vue Color Push Camera Inspection System with DVR Player/Recorder

UEMSI/HTV Predator Advantage

UEMSI/HTV Portable Mainline System

“D” Style Rear Door Gasket

“Y” Pattern Strainers – 2” and 3”

#10 Aluminum Storm Nozzle

0-160 PSI Pressure Gauge

0-30” Vacuum Gauge

0-3000 PSI Pressure Gauge