Tracker II™ Pipe Location System

We all know how hard it is to admit when you’re wrong.

When you’re looking for a broken underground pipe, it can be a guessing game! Well, thanks to the UEMSI/HTV® Tracker II™ pipe location system, you do not have to guess any more.

The UEMSI/HTV® Tracker II™ is an extremely accurate and easy-to-use pipe location system. The Tracker II™ gives you the control for all of your locates with enhanced sensitivity and uncomplicated line identification.

By combining the Tracker II receiver with any of the UEMSI/HTV transmitters, you will see greater productivity with a faster, more reliable response.

With multi-frequency capabilities, the Tracker II in the 512 Hz mode, can locate the transmitter inside cast iron,clay, PVC, concrete or transit pipe. It can also detect live power lines or cable television lines in the 50-60Hz mode. Also, using the optional 65 KHz transmitter with conductive attachments (not shown), the user can track water and gas pipes.

Made in the USA

UEMSI/HTV® Tracker II™ Pipe Location System – Product Literature

UEMSI/HTV Part Number: 75-2700-200



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