Zip Tube®

Zip Tube® is an all-new hydro excavation suction/water erosion nozzle. It is a rugged, quality-engineered tool that can withstand the harsh environment that
comes with task at-hand.


Zip Tube is constructed of .100 wall, 6” or 8” Tuff Tube™ with an external stainless steel water ring containing ten (6”) or twelve (8”) stainless steel replaceable jets that pulverize soil with water pressure. The soil is then removed by vacuum suction through the tube. Zip Tube is available with a Vactor® style 6” or 8” fl ange, Super Products® Bandlock®, or Aquatech® connection options.





Features include an adjustable handle with a rubber bump stop tube inside the water ring. The bump stop protrudes forward to help safeguard the water ring jets against abrasion from rocks, debris and underground services. There is also a rubber safety tube that is attached to the exterior of the water ring that helps control the spray of water and eroded material that can splatter during the hydro excavation process.



  • Weight: 39 lbs (6”) 45 lbs. (8”)
  • Length: 71”
  • Water connection: 1” F.P.T. swivel
  • Handle adjustment: 39” Height
  • Replaceable Jets: 10 (6”) or 12 (8”)
  • Tube dimension: 6” or 8” Tuff Tube w/.100 wall
  • Connection options: 6” or 8” Vactor flange, 6” or 8” female Super Products Bandlock, 6” or 8” female Aquatech


ZIP-A-6” – Tube w/ 6” female Aquatech connection
ZIP-A – Tube w/ 8” female Aquatech connection
ZIP-F-6” – Tube w/ 6” Vactor fl ange connection
ZIP-F – Tube w/ 8” Vactor fl ange connection
ZIP-F-6”/8” – Tube 6” w/8” Vactor fl ange connection
ZIP-SP-6” – Tube w/ 6” female Super Products Bandlock
ZIP-SP – Tube w/ 8” female Super Products Bandlock
U40797L – Replacement jet – Straight Angle
U40797L-10 – Replacement jet – 10° Angle