Walk-Behind Drop Spreaders



SnowEx® walk-behind drop spreaders are perfect for melting ice in confined areas like sidewalks and walking paths. Offering 160-pound capacities, each unit spreads in a 28-inch-wide path, making them ideal for applying bagged rock salt or pelletized material to sidewalks, driveways, and other tight applications.


Straight Down On The Ground – Precise Material ControlWalk-Behind Drop Spreaders

Unlike broadcast spreaders that distribute material with a spinner, the drop spreaders deliver a consistent flow of material directly to the ground, reducing waste and preventing material from flinging into unwanted locations.

Protect What You’re Putting Down – Poly CoverWalk-Behind Drop Spreaders

  • Standard poly cover protects from the weather elements and keeps foreign objects out of the hopper.
  • Clear cover allows the operator to easily see in and constantly monitor material levels.


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