Vactor® Style Quick Clamp w/ Trimline Handle

Trimline 6” and 8” Quick Clamps

The Trimline Quick Clamps used to secure Vactor® and Vac-Con® flange-style tubes, have been designed with a trimline handle in both ‘U’ and ‘V’ style clamps.

This feature enables the handle to hug the body of the clamp when it is drawn over center to tighten the clamp over the vacuum tube flanges.

The design greatly decreases the chances of the handle getting caught on clothing, equipment and or even manhole lids or stairs versus a standard style clamp handle, which sticks out from the clamp’s outer profile.

The result is a safer and more efficient clamp for use in the field.



Part #                Size
U32087            6” Quick Clamp
U16584            8” Quick Clamp