Utility Spreader



Don’t let their size fool you. The SP-100-1, SP-125-1, SP-225-1 and SP-325 tailgate spreaders offer big performance for smaller application needs. The SP-100-1 and SP-125-1 are designed to spread bagged ice melt and calcium chloride pellets up to 20 feet wide, while the SP-225-1 and SP-325 can spread bagged rock salt. All the utility spreaders are loaded with features that offer a level of sophistication that’s fit for snow and ice pros.

* Fits UTVs, Compact Vehicles & Tractors

Variable Speed Control – You’re in Control

  • Adjusts spinner speed from 1-10. 
  • Helps manage spread width.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Easy cab mounting.
  • Standard with model SP-100-1 and SP-325 (optional for SP-125-1 & SP-225-1).




Electric Gate – Simply Flip the Switch

The SP-100-1 comes standard with an electric gate. Just flip a switch to open and close the spreader throat to start and stop material flow to the spinner. (Model SP-125-1 only available with manual gate.)

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