Alphajet Manhole Cleaning Nozzle

The Alpha Jet cleaning nozzle is an excellent hydrodynamic tool to clean and remove grease, sludge and scale from lift stations and manholes prior to rehabilitations. Four driving nozzles cause 360° revolution in a horizontal plane.



Technical Specifications:

  • No confined space entry needed
  • No need to cover the manhole, horizontal rotation only allows for permanent observation of the cleaning progress
  • Low maintenance – No lubrication or replacement of internal mechanical parts within the first 12 months of operation, thus making this nozzle extremely user friendly
  • Controlled rotation
  • Driving nozzles can be extended to accommodate various sizes of manholes/lift stations
  • Replaceable, one piece threaded, ceramic nozzle inserts
  • Nozzle extensions available for large diameters of lift stations, manholes and wells
  • High grade stainless steel construction
  • Min. 30 GPM @ ¾” hose, Max. 60 GPM @ 1” hose
  • ¾” – 1” hose connection




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