UEMSI/HTV Jet Cam™ – Color Sewer Jetter Inspection System

The Jet Cam™ system from UEMSI/HTV®, is American made and is designed to work with any style sewer jetter or combination machine, whether it is a trailer mount or a truck mount unit. It enables the user to inspect the pipe while doing the cleaning, and because of this ability the user can immediately determine if the pipe needs further evaluation or repair.




• 10.4” sunlight readable color LCD monitor
• Built-in DVR, which records to an SD card
• AC/DC operation
• Variable controlled light intensity on camera and external lighthead
• Video and audio output connections
• 40” interface cable
• 600’ of flexible video cable
• Heavy-duty reel with electric rewind motor and controller
• Electrical slip ring assembly
• Nozzle assembly with camera adapter
• Pro Eye self-leveling color camera
• Auxiliary lighthead, which supplies enough light for pipe through 27”
• 6”, 8”-10”, and 12” skid assemblies
• Dual Tiger-tail cable guide assembly

Upgrade Option:
Data Display I Package: This package includes a mini-keyboard to add on-screen text, and an
on-screen digital footage counter. Footage is accurately measured using a measure wheel instead of being calculated by reel revolution. This package is standard on the Jet Cam Ultra. The Nozzle Body Assembly includes a special nozzle that houses the Pro Eye self-leveling color camera and the auxiliary
lighthead. The system has enough light to televise up to 27” pipe, because of the high powered LEDs. A variety of skid sizes are included with this system. The nozzle jets are specifically drilled for the proper GPM and PSI of the users’ jetter.

Made in the USA.

U.S. Jetting is a registered trademark of U.S. Jetting, Inc.


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