The ProCam® DVR by UEMSI®, is an extremely compact and lightweight mini camera system you can’t live without. Having the same high quality standards and durability you have come to expect from UEMSI, the ProCam DVR system is seeing the new standard of the industry. It incorporates the latest technology, which includes a 10.4” color LCD monitor and a DVR player / recorder that records directly to an SD card. This equipment is housed in a heavy-duty case, with a total weight of only 17 pounds.

The ProCam DVR system not only operates on both 110 VAC and 12 VDC, but also has a rechargeable battery pack option available. The system is designed for inspecting sewer pipelines, HVAC ducts, chimneys and other enclosed cavities. Standard with the ProCam DVR system is UEMSI’s proven multiconductor, nylon-jacketed video push cable. It is the strongest in the industry enabling the user to push long runs, yet flexible to handle tight corners in small pipe. The cable also includes a water-blocking gel inside to prevent water infiltration, if it were to become damaged.



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