Tyvek Disposable Coveralls

Tyvek® provides the best balance of protection, durability and comfort. Made from 100% high density polyethylene, Tyvek® offers high strength and provides excellent barrier protection to many dry particulates as well as light splash situations. Tests show that it maintains its level of barrier protection after being subjected to abrasion and flexing. Unlike other protective suit fabrics, which have either a film or coating that can be easily scratched or worn away, Tyvek® provides barrier through the entire fabric. The durable Tyvek® fabric is hard to tear or puncture, yet it functions as a breathable membrane that allows body heat and sweat to escape while preventing chemicals, paints and particles from getting in. All Tyvek® Protective Wear™ garments are clearly marked with a blue label.  This label distinguishes them from others which may have not been manufactured from Tyvek® or under the entire quality system.

Coverall features collar, zipper front and set-in sleeve. Sizes: Medium thru 5XL. Tyvek® Protective Wear™ meets or exceeds ANSI 101-1996 sizing requirements. 25 per case. Sold by the case.



Tyvek Disposable Coveralls



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