Turbo III Flexible



The Turbo III flexible chain cutter was engineered to be powerful, durable, user friendly and require low maintenance. Made fromhigh quality stainless steel and aluminum, this heavy-duty cutter uses turbine technology in combination with 3D fluid mechanics to deliver outmatched cutting performance in its operating range. Roots, grease, mineral deposits and protruding taps do not stand a chance against this impressive cutter. The flexible guide skid is adjustable between 10” – 20” within a 1/16” making it capable of handling offsets in the pipe. An extension kit increases the cutters operation up to 32”. The cutter comes standard with one-piece ceramic inserts, a high-pressure swivel and is capable of being used with recycled water.


  1. Round Pipes
  2. 3D Fluid Mechanics
  3. Recycled Water Approved
  4. Tier 3

Turbo 3 Flexible Specs