Turbo II Flexible



The Turbo II flexible chain cutter was engineered to be powerful, durable, user friendly and require low maintenance. Made from high quality stainless steel and aluminum, this cutter uses turbine technology in combination with 3D fluid mechanics to deliver outmatched cutting performance in its operating range. Roots, grease, mineral deposits and protruding taps do not stand a chance against this impressive cutter. The flexible guide skid is adjustable between 6” – 12” within a 1/16” making it capable of handling offsets in the pipe. The cutter comes standard with one-piece ceramic inserts, a high-pressure swivel and is capable of being used with recycled water as well.


  1. Round Pipes
  2. 3D Fluid Mechanics
  3. Recycled Water Approved
  4. Tier 3
Turbo II Flexible Specs