Trax™ Multi-Conductor Transporter

The UEMSI/HTV® Trax™ Multi-Conductor Transporteris a fully ad just able tractor for use in 6″ through 15″ pipe* and is capable of pulling a standard main line or pan & tilt camera up to 1200′. It operates at various speeds and runs in forward, neutral and reverse. When set in neutral, Trax can easily be pulled back through the line, causing less wear and tear to the equipment.

Optional expansion kits available for 18″ through 30″ pipe.

Depending on cable and pipe conditions, Trax can travel over 45 feet per minute. It adapts to various cameras and is compatible with most manufacturers’ multi -conductor main line systems. To keep the worker safely above ground, Trax enters through the man hole.

The desktop controller features a spring-loaded directional switch, an am per age meter and a power indicator light. When Trax is used with a UEMSI/HTV PCU, the desktop controller is not needed, as a controller is built-in to the PCU. Trax also has a one-year warranty on electrical and mechanical systems.





• Adjustable for 6″ – 15″ pipe
• Completely waterproof o-ring sealed transmission
• Forward, neutral and reverse operation
• Equipped with heavy-duty worm gear drive
• Vulcanized, double-riveted rubber tracks for extended life
• Nickel plated steel chain for long life
• Travels over 45 feet per minute depending on cable and pipe conditions
• Can pull a 3″ x 22″ mainline or pan & tilt camera up to 1200′
• Adaptable to various size cameras
• Can be used with most other mainline multi-conductor system manufacturers
• Optional kit for 18″, 21″, 24″ and 30″ pipe


• Variable speed drive control
• Spring-loaded directional safety switch for forward, neutral and reverse movement
• Amp meter to monitor the electrical working load level
• Power indicator light
• 20′ quick connect cable hook-up



In the market for a tractor with a neutral position, but refuse to invest in a new tractor?

No problem.

Installing a neutral position on your tractor provides the free-wheeling freedom needed to pull a tractor back in one easy motion, resulting in less wear and tear to the transporter.

The UEMSI/HTV Motor/Transmission Assembly is completely adaptable to fit most multi-conductor tractors on the market today.

Made in the USA.


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