Tractor Cleats and Track Assemblies

UEMSI/HTV® has the most efficent tractor cleats on the market today! They are designed with softer, more durable rubber for better gripping power in all pipe, including PVC, vitrified clay and concrete. The contour along with the grooves, allow the cleats to actually mold themselves to the sidewall of the pipe for better traction. Not only are these cleats designed to work with UEMSI/HTV tractors, but also Cues®, Aries® and any other brand that uses #35 chain with double 1/8” rivet holes. So, if you need dependable, reliable cleats that will stand up to your demands, order them from UEMSI/HTV now.

UEMSI/HTV also supplies entire track assemblies, not only for our own tractors, but also for Cues®, Aries® and others that use #35 chain. We use nickel-plated steel chain for extra strength and longevity, as steel chain lasts two times longer than stainless steel chain, and the nickel-plating prevents rust. The cleats are attached with 1/8” steel rivets for high strength.

Made in the USA.



Specifications for #35 Tractor Cleats

• For #35 Chain
• Double 1/8” Rivet Holes
• Soft but Durable Rubber Molded to Steel Frame
• Pipe Contoured Design
• Double Groove for Excellent Traction
• UEMSI Part # 29-9930-125

Specifications for Track Assemblies
• #35 Chain with Double 1/8” Rivet Holes
• Nickel-Plated Steel for High Strength and Rust Prevention
• Attached with 1/8” Steel Rivets, UEMSI/HTV Part # 09-7125-322
• Two Track Assemblies Required Per Tractor

UEMSI Part # Tractor Used On Part # of Cleats / Configuration
30-0915-010 UEMSI/HTV Trax, Cues®, and Aries® 68 / Every Cleat Pattern
30-0915-100 UEMSI/HTV Trax, Cues®, and Aries® 34 / Every Other Cleat Pattern
30-0915-250 UEMSI/HTV Trax Jr. 50 / Every Cleat Pattern
30-0915-300 UEMSI/HTV Trax Jr. 25 / Every Other Cleat Pattern
30-0915-247 Cues® Shorty 47 / Every Cleat Pattern
30-0915-238 Cues® Ultra Shorty 38 / Every Cleat Pattern
30-0915-219 Cues® Ultra Shorty 19 / Every Other Cleat Pattern
30-0915-230 Cues® Ultra Shorty III 30 / Every Cleat Pattern
30-0915-251 Aries® Taurus 51 / Every Cleat Pattern
30-0915-258 Buchen® 58 / Every Cleat Pattern


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