Tiger Tail® Hose – [2″x36″]

UEMSI/HTV’s Tiger-Tail® hoses are used to protect sewer cleaning hose to guide hose through rough manholes and pipe edges of the transition into the pipe. Tiger-Tail hoses are offered standard in 2”x36” and 3”x36” lengths and include a 24’ poly rope with a looped end for easy grip.

This rope is attached to the Tiger-Tail hose collar to made installation and removal from manholes easier. Stays flexible in sub-zero temperatures. Tiger-Tail hose is available in 2” and 3” in Lengths up to 50 feet.

NOTE: Special Tiger-Tail lengths are available on request. Made in the USA.



Includes cuffs on each end, clamp and 24′ poly rope. Other sizes are available upon request.

Many uses for the hose are:

  • Liquid or material suction from machine to machine
  • Liquid transfer from truck to depot
  • Liquid transfer from vat to tank
  • Construction and excavation
  • Protection for sewer cleaning hose
  • Protection for televising TV cable

UEMSI/HTV Part Number: D0-69


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