TGS Tailgate Spreader



The Henderson TGS (Tailgate Spreader) is designed to fit most standard and utility dump bodies and attaches in minutes without the use of special tools. There’s plenty of flexibility to meet the conditions with individual hydraulic spinner and auger motors controlled from the cab. To even further meet your needs, the TGS is available with 6″ or 9″ augers and is available in both carbon steel or stainless steel. The unit doesn’t interfere with normal hauling or dumping operations so it can stay mounted all season long, ready for instant duty.

This low-maintenance spreader does not interfere with normal hauling or dumping operations. Instantly turns your dump body into a low-cost ice control unit.


Electric Control – Now Available!
The TGS sand/salt spreader can be partnered with the CHARGE all electric control system. Class 8 snow and ice control trucks and their complex central hydraulic systems have reigned King for years when it came to managing multiple pieces of equipment tasked with battling the elements. The CHARGE delivers the same big truck flexibility and capabilities to class 3-7 chassis.


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