Tailgate Pro Spreader



Every snow fighter is different. That’s why SnowEx® tailgate spreaders are available in several models. Each unit is purpose built to address a specific type of need. No matter what type of material is being spread, or how large of an area is being treated, SnowEx has a solution to get the job done while reducing material waste and requiring low maintenance.

* Fits UTVs, Tractors, Light-Duty Trucks & Up

Why Buy A Tailgate Spreader (Single Stage)?

Patented Sealed Drive Enclosure – Power That’s ProtectedTailgate Pro Salt Spreader Texas

  • 12-volt electric drive/transmission that’s protected from the elements with a patented sealed drive enclosure.
  • Heavy-duty non-combustible automotive-style wiring harness.
  • Low maintenance.

Receiver Mount – All the Versatility You Can Handle

Model SP-575X-1 comes standard with a 2-inch (51 mm) receiver mount, making it ideal for use on a variety of vehicles. Model SP-1075X-1 offers plenty of versatility with optional receiver, pivot and 3-point mounting systems available.

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