Supreme Spiral Saw Blades

Supreme Spiral heavy duty saw blades are 2”wide x .156” thick, made of high tempered spring steel and old world heat treated to 50-54 Rockwell. This manufacturing process allows the spiral saw blades strength and longevity for the blade structure and teeth. The blade spring type characteristics allow minimal breakage when hitting misaligned joints and most obstructions.

In addition, the spiral design is perfect for cutting heavy roots or grease clogs in pipeline by allowing the operator to take small bites at a time to remove the obstruction. This design also allows the blade to ride over off set pipe more easily than flat blades that grab obstructions more aggressively. Supreme spiral saw blades are available in 4”-18” sizes and are also offered with a hub attached for quick installation on a 1” or 5/8” root cutter hub. These saws are painted grey to protect them from corrosion and rust. Made in the USA.



Part #                     Description                           Weight

7600-4                   4” Supreme Spiral                1 lb.

7600-6                   6” Supreme Spiral                2 lbs.

7600-8                   8” Supreme Spiral                3 lbs.

7600-10                 10” Supreme Spiral              5 lbs.

7600-12                 12” Supreme Spiral              6 lbs.

7600-15                 15” Supreme Spiral              6.5 lbs.

7600-18                 18” Supreme Spiral              7.5 lbs.