SS-4000 Rotary Broom

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The SnowEx® SS-4000 may look like a standard rotary broom, but it packs a powerful punch as it clears long sidewalks and large surfaces in extreme winter weather. The combination sweeper/snowplow is loaded with user-friendly features, including a centrally driven broom that can work against curbs, walls and other obstacles from either the right or left side.


Simple, Straightforward Snow Clearing – User-Friendly Multifunction ControlsSS-4000 Rotary Broom Texas

Easily vary travel speed and direction with the unit’s multi function controls. The drive system features three forward gears and a reverse gear. And maneuvering is simple thanks to a seven-position height adjustment for handlebars, active assisted steering, and a freewheel feature for 360-degree turning.

Attack Snow From Any Angle – Pivotal Broom HeadSS-4000 Rotary Broom Texas

  • A floating pivotal broom head has five angle settings to adjust the trajectory of snow and other materials.
  • Brush rotation speed is adjustable and down pressure can increase or decrease by raising or lowering a pneumatic support wheel.
  • Broom is comprised of large 16″ diameter bristles that clear a width of 40″.


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