Snow Foe MTP (Medium Duty Trip Edge Plow)



The MTP is a true Medium-duty Trip-edge Reversible Snow Plow. Get heavy-duty features and results with medium-duty work trucks (designed for use with classes 3-5). A few key features are the dual outboard reversing cylinders, moldboard options (poly, carbon steel or stainless steel), level lift, reinforced pivot points and adjustable trip-edge torsion springs. Designed to work with most brands of medium-duty work trucks.

Henderson’s MTP snow plow also expands your business and capabilities beyond cul-de-sacs and parking lots. Now your medium-duty work truck can also assist with the clearance of side streets.

Electric Control – Now Available!
The MTP snow plow can be partnered with the CHARGE all electric control system. Class 8 snow and ice control trucks and their complex central hydraulic systems have reigned King for years when it came to managing multiple pieces of equipment tasked with battling the elements. The CHARGE delivers the same big truck flexibility and capabilities to class 3-7 chassis.

Henderson MTP snow plow