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Redefine what your half-ton truck can do. The SnowEx® RDV™ V-plows have the features and benefits of the larger plows but are specifically designed for half-ton trucks. They are constructed of high-strength, low-alloy steel, making them stronger and lighter than conventional steel. Available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel, the plows configure to varying vehicle heights for optimum performance on some of the most popular truck models.

* Fits Half-Ton Trucks

Trip-Edge Protection – Protect Yourself. Protect Your Equipment.RDV_Snow Plow Texas

Independent trip edge protects the plow, truck and operator when encountering obstacles, and functions in any position (scoop, V, angle or straight). Because only the edge trips, snow load loss is minimized.







Flared Moldboard – Clear Snow QuickerRDV_Snow Plow Texas

Tall flared moldboard allows you to throw snow higher and farther, delivering exceptional snow clearing results.








Now Standard for All Truck Plows – Scrape Maxx™ Down-Force

Scrape Maxx™ down-force is an exclusive, standard feature that gives SnowEx truck plows the ability to apply downward force to bust through hard pack and maximize to-the-pavement scraping performance. Every SnowEx truck plow provides the Scrape Maxx feature to provide the right amount of force for clean plowing.

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