RB-400 Walk-Behind Rotary Broom



Get Down to the Surface

The FISHER® RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom helps get walkways cleaner by scraping and sweeping snow all the way down to the surface. It’s also perfect for areas that are tight up to buildings, curbs or edging. Whether it’s just a light dusting, heavy wet snow or compacted snow that was walked on or driven on before you got to the job, the walk-behind rotary broom will take care of the situation quickly and leave you with a clean that is unmatched.

Adjustable Speed & Down Pressure

Adjustable broom-rotation speed and adjustable down-pressure allow you to adapt to any condition.

Rotary Broom Unique Features AdjSpeedDownPress Texas Municipal Equipment

Floating, Pivoting Broom Head

Floating, pivoting broom head gives you five angle settings to adjust the trajectory of the snow.

Snow Plow Rotary Broom Texas Municipal Equipment

Plow Blade

Quick-attach plow blade features wheels and floating design to move heavy or deep snow.

WALK-BEHIND ROTARY BROOM - Plow Blade Texas Municipal Equipment Snow Plow


Seven-Position Height Adjustment

Seven-position handlebar height adjustment for operator comfort.

WALK-BEHIND ROTARY BROOM Texas Municipal Equipment Snow Plows


Active-Assist Steering

Active-assist steering and freewheel design allow for 360-degree turning.

WALK-BEHIND ROTARY BROOM Snow Plows Texas Municipal Equipment


Brush-Head Design

Unique brush-head design features angled outer bristles to clean up close to buildings, curbs and edging.

WALK-BEHIND ROTARY BROOM Brush Head Snow Plows Texas Municipal Equipment