PWS (Pre-Wetting System)

Pre-wetting salt means a faster brine or reduced melting time. It also helps your material stick like glue to the pavement, greatly reducing waste and keeping material where it’s needed most.

Available with hydraulic or electric control packages, see control options below.



Increase the effectiveness of your ice control program, while reducing overall costs with Henderson Pre-wetting Systems (PWS). These on-board liquid pre-wetting systems coat the material with various pre-wetting agents as it’s being spread.

The PWS provides the following benefits to your snow and ice removal program:

  • Quicker formation of a brine solution
  • Brine forms and melts ice at lower temperatures
  • Helps adhere granular material to pavement
  • Reduces salt spread rates along with the number of applications

With the PWS, precise measuring and distribution is easy. Simply dial in the applications rate and the PWS does the rest… even tells you when it’s empty. It’s one smart machine. And there are models available for any application you may have.

Consider the intelligent engineering of the PWS Systems for your pre-wetting applications. You’ll find once again, the smart money’s on…


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