Poly-Caster™ UTV Hopper Spreader

The Right Size for the Job

There’s no better way to apply the finishing touch to sidewalks, paths and driveways than with the FISHER®POLY-CASTER UTV hopper spreader. Designed specifically to fit into the bed of a UTV, the POLY-CASTER UTV hopper spreader lets you easily address the applications where only a UTV can go. Why perform the job with anything else? Turn your UTV into a winter workhorse.



Models 11.00 cu ft
Body Side Length 64″
Capacity 11.00 cu ft
Hopper Construction Polyethylene
Dimensions Overall (L x W x H) 64″ x 48 ½” x 27″
Approx. Weight (empty) 280 lb
Motor Dual Electric, 12V DC, Sealed
Spinner Size 12″
Spreading Width Up to 30′
Materials Salt or 50/50 Salt/Sand Mix
Vehicle Application UTVs