Piranha® Hose Mender – [1/2″]

This hose mender is intended for use with 1/2″ 3000 & 4000 PSI Piranha® hose.

End fittings and menders for thermoplastic hose are not interchangeable. It is essential that hose, end fittings, menders and tooling be properly matched. Identification of Piranha® Hose Products is simple. The inner tube of all Piranha® Sewer Cleaning Hose is yellow as assigned by WASTEC. To assure proper matching of all components, the hose tube material, end fittings, menders and tooling are color coded yellow. While there may be several sources for end fittings and assembly tooling that bear the yellow color coding, for safety, and reliability – end fittings and assembly tooling should be purchased directly from Piranha® Hose Products. A Piranha® supplied swaging machine is required for the installation of end fittings and menders for Piranha® sewer hose.

All assembly tooling is designed and manufactured to be compatible with the Piranha® Hose Products supplied swaging machines.

UEMSI/HTV Part Number: UEMPH5500-Mend



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