Leader Hose

UEMSI assembles all of our leader hoses utilizing SLH (Smooth Leader Hose) leader hose that is supplied to UEMSI by Parflex™, a division of Parker Hose Products™. Our leader hose is a rubber jacketed hose with an internal steel braided reinforcement layer to withstand the maximum wear area behind the nozzle and nozzle skid assembly. The flexibility of the hose helps ease the nozzle and skid assembly in-and-out of the manhole. This hose is constructed to withstand the harsh environment caused from sewer jetting and cleaning. Abrasives such as gravel and sand that are tossed back from the nozzle jet stream can reduce the life of your sewer cleaning hose. SLH leader hose is available in a minimum length of 30” and lengths up to 50’. Custom lengths are also available. SLH leader hose has a smooth synthetic rubber cover that is slippery enough to enable the sewer cleaning hose to glide up the pipe behind the nozzle assembly. This jacket feature is not characteristic of generic hydraulic hose with a cloth wrapped outer cover, which does not slide through pipe as easily. Made in the USA.


• Cover – Synthetic Rubber

• Color – Black

• Reinforcement – Braided High Tensile Steel Wire

• Temp Range (Water Use Only) – -40º to 135º F

• Fittings – Male NPT by Female Swivel




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