Lateral Root Cutter Kits

Much like the Mainline Root Cutt er Kits, the Lateral Kits were born out of the idea that can off er you exactly what you need, rather than fudging your way through a job with equipment that is subpar.
Like the mainline hydraulic root cutt er motors, the lateral hydraulic root cutt er motor uses the same high-torque, low RPM design. Its power source is a 1.93 c.i. hydraulic motor.
It is designed for sewer cleaning machines that operate from 35 to 80 GPM at 900 to 2000 PSI. Its tail nozzle is available in 3/4” and 1” FPT.
Complete kits include blade sizes 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” and skid sets 6”, 8”, 10” with skid collar, motor with tail nozzle, blade hub, wrenches and tool box.

Made in the USA.



Part Number                      Description

950-2000F                         Complete Kit with Flat Blades – Lateral Skids

950-2000C                         Complete Kit with Concave Blades – Lateral Skids

950-2000S                          Complete Kit with Spiral Blades – Lateral Skids

950-2000NB                       Complete Kit with No Blades – Lateral Skids