HELIXX™ Poly Spreader



Forget everything you thought you knew about poly spreaders. Available in capacities from 1.5 to 5.0 cu yd, the HELIXX Poly Hopper Spreaders are a from-the-ground-up design based on extensive testing and three decades of SnowEx® hopper spreader innovation. The exclusive material delivery system vastly outperforms traditional augers, delivering unmatched material flow.

Why Buy a HELIXX™ Poly Hopper?

HELIXX Material Delivery – Advanced Salt DeliverySalt Spreader Helixx Poly Texas

The patent-pending corkscrew – or “helix” – design of the HELIXX material delivery system is optimized for efficient and cost-effective use of salt and was designed to operate in the target range for salt spreading best practices. The innovative design helps prevent clogs and delivers a material flow superior to traditional augers.

Pre-Wet and Direct Liquid Application – Triple ThreatSalt Spreader Helixx Poly Texas

Spread, pre-wet or spray with one machine. By adding pre-wet tanks, a pump and a spray kit, the HELIXX spreaders not only pre-wet materials, but they can also be used for spraying liquid brine directly onto the driving surface for anti-icing applications. The components offer a simple plug-and-play installation, meaning a contractor can upgrade to pre-wetting or direct liquid applications at any time.

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