HELIXX™ Compact Stainless Steel Spreader



The HELIXX™ 0.7 cu yd stainless steel hopper spreader is right sized for today’s most popular half-ton and light-duty trucks. Like the full-sized HELIXX units, this model provides excellent material flow, but in a more compact size that’s better suited to handle smaller spaces and jobs.


HELIXX Material Delivery – Advanced Salt Delivery

The patent-pending corkscrew – or “helix” – design of the HELIXX material delivery system is optimized for efficient and cost-effective use of salt and was designed to operate in the target range for salt spreading best practices. The innovative design helps prevent clogs and delivers a material flow superior to traditional augers.


Triple Threat – Pre-Wet and Direct Liquid Application

The HELIXX 0.7 cu yd stainless steel spreader is a triple threat—with the ability to spread, pre-wet or spray. By adding pre-wet tanks, a pump and a spray kit, the spreaders not only can pre-wet materials, but they can also be used for spraying brine directly onto the driving surface for anti-icing applications.

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