Heavy-Duty UTV V-Plow

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Turn your UTV or sub-compact tractor into a sidewalk snow-removal specialist with the Heavy-Duty V-Plow from SnowEx®. Lightweight, yet heavy duty, the plow is designed to angle down to 5′ wide, whether in straight, scoop, or V modes—making it ideal for standard sidewalks.

* Fits Full Sized UTVs & Sub-Compact Tractors

Multiple Configurations – Sidewalk SpecialistHeavy-Duty UTV V-Plow

The UTV V-plow doesn’t just work with utility vehicles and sub-compact tractors, it was specifically designed for them. Two width settings cover the optimal tire track width on a wide range of UTVs and sub-compact tractors. And, for maximum versatility, the plow quickly configures from straight, to scoop, to V at the touch of a button, angling to 5′ wide to cater to most sidewalks and to fit through gates.







Trip-Edge Protection – Safe and Productive

An independent trip edge helps you stay in your seat and protects your equipment, when encountering obstacles. Functioning in any plow position (scoop, V, angle or straight), only the edge trips, so you also never lose a snow load.




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