Stewart Amos Galaxy R-6XL

A Large-Capacity, 6.12 yd3 Regenerative Air Sweeper mounted on a Mize-sized, Non-CDL Chassis.



Model Number Sweeping Path Chassis GVWR CDL Required Hopper Capacity Hydraulic Power Train Dump Height* Gutter Broom Size Water Capacity Stainless Steel Hopper Bolt-Together Hopper Panels Top Hopper Access Door Debris Hopper Screen


(11′ Opt)

26,000 lbs NO 6.12 yd3 74.3 Kubota 26″


(54″ Opt)

330 gal YES YES YES 28.8 ft2

Watch the Galaxy R-6XL Regen Sweeper Deep Clean Road Surfaces!

Galaxy Regenerative Air Sweeper Videos 

Stewart-Amos proudly presents the Galaxy line of regenerative air sweepers!

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