Galaxy R-4



Model Number Sweeping Path Chassis GVWR CDL Required Hopper Capacity Hydraulic Power Train Dump Height* Gutter Broom Size Water Capacity Stainless Steel Hopper Bolt-Together Hopper Panels Top Hopper Access Door Debris Hopper Screen
R-4 10′ 17,950 lbs NO 4.65 yd3 74.3 Kubota 72″ 42″ 130 gal YES YES YES 14.4 ft2

The benefits of the Galaxy R-4 include:

  •  4.65 Cubic Yard Hopper
  •  High Performance Sweeping
  •  Clear Air Dust Suppression
  •  High Pivot Slide-Back Dumping
  •  Integral Hydraulic Dump &
  •  Screen Clean Out Doors
  •  Highly Maneuverable & Mobile
  •  Flexible Hood Stops
  •  Huge One-Piece Polyethylene
  •  Tool Compartment
  •  Extremely Fuel Efficient
  •  Ease of Maintenance
  •  Simplicity of Design
  •  Rugged Construction
  •  Remarkably Quiet
  •  Proudly made in the U.S.A

Galaxy R-4 Street Sweeper Specifications

 Galaxy R 4 Regenerative Air Street Sweeper Product Video

Galaxy Regenerative Air Sweeper Videos 

Stewart-Amos proudly presents the Galaxy line of regenerative air sweepers!

See our Galaxy Series on the move!


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