G9 – 1/4” Mustang Hex Nozzles

G9-series Mustang Hex nozzles were designed to exact specifications to the popular hex nozzle used on Mustang lateral jet machines. The hex is manufactured using high-grade steel with a black oxide finish for extended life.
The G9 series nozzle, equipped with a 1/4” FPT connection, is great for general pipe cleaning with its three-to-six 40-degree rear jets with a front jet for penetrating blockages using pump pressures up to 4000 PSI, ranging from 3 to 10 GPM. G9-series nozzles in-stock ready for your specially-tailored needs.

Rear jet angle: 40°
Diameter: 3/4””
Length: 5/8”
Weight: .03 lbs.
Made in the USA.



Part #                    Jet Description                  GPM      PSI

G9-43                    1 Front / 3 Rear Jets        3-4         Up to 4000

G9-46                    1 Front / 6 Rear Jets        7-10       2000-3000