Economy – Hot Jet I



Hot Jets’ hot water trailer mounted jetters are engineered to instantaneously heat your jetting water from 100° to 196°. We can custom build trailer mounted jetters with up to 18 GPM output of hot water! Extremely effective in removing grease, soils, ice build ups, and blockages in drain lines from 2″ to 24″

Our most popular size of hot water trailer mounted jetter is the 10 GPM @ 4,000 PSI (+/- 5%), which is an all around awesome size to clean up to 12″ sewer lines.

Our Hot Jet Units are truly versatile workhorses – and they can be utilized as a dual purpose machine. First – as a powerful drain jetter and second as a high pressure hot water cleaning unit to clean-up properties.


Economy Hot Jet I Hot water Jetter Line Up


Hot Water Trailer Mounted Sewer Jetters Include:

  • 4′ X 12′ HD, leaf spring tandem axle, diamond plate, custom color trailer
  • 15″ 6-ply tires with Chrome wheels
  • Strobe safety light
  • Pressure gun assemble
  • Custom drilled nozzle set
  • High pressure nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, 45°)
  • 300′ of HD jet hose
  • 120′ HD fill hose
  • Tool box for front of trailer
  • 1 – 5 gal Citro Jett additive or 8 – 1/2 gallons
  • 2 Safety cones
  • 330 gallon life time water tank
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • Tiger tail hose saver
  • Vacuum pump
  • Heavy duty cover
  • Rear Signage
  • Operation / Safety video


Available Upgrade Options:

  • Solid state remote control
  • Warthog Nozzle – 3/8″ custom drilled
  • Signage Package for sides
  • Side tool boxes
  • Upgraded hose reel(s) with variable speed and guide arm available with thumb or foot control
  • Extra Jumper hose reel & 100′ of 1/4″ hose for laterals
  • 2″ fast fill option
  • Enclosed trailer



  1. Cost Effective – Hot water cuts grease fast – you can clean drains with less water using hot water. This reduces the chances of flooding.
  2. Faster Ice build-up removal! Combined with the ice removal nozzle,the hot water is five times faster at removing ice dams than with cold water.
  3. Deep cleans and sanitizes lines better than cold water.
  4. Vacuum out flooded basements in minutes with the vacuum attachment.
  5. Use as a pressure washer to clean-up properties, garbage can areas, back of restaurants, store fronts, etc..
  6. Offer jetting jobs and clean-up after jetting to your customers. Cold water jetters just blow the grease around. Hot water will deep clean store fronts, garbage areas, etc., etc.

Hot Water Jetting is extremely popular with restaurants, convenience stores, and hospitals. Property Managers easily recognize the advantages of using hot water – especially for grease and ice dam removal.

We also offer a complete Marketing and Training program to help sell jobs – And make you and your company more money!

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