Economy Grain Pigskin Keystone Thumb Leather Drivers

Economy grain pigskin affords the greatest breathability.  Remarkable comfort with thick absorbent cotton lining.  Pigskin becomes softer with use and withstands moisture without stiffening. When laundered pigskin will return to its natural soft texture than any other leather type. Driver’s style offers tough full hand protection with greater dexterity and comfort. Keystone thumb style provides added comfort and wear.  Features gunn pattern, keystone thumb, slip-on cuff, shirred elastic back and color-coded hem for sizing.

Sizes: small, medium, large and XLarge. Work applications include general purpose applications requiring abrasion resistance with the breathability of leather and cotton. Naturally suited for wet conditions. 10 dozen per case. Sold by the dozen.



Economy Grain Pigskin Keystone Thumb Leather Drivers



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