Drop Pro™ 600 Poly Spreader



The SnowEx® Drop Pro 600 poly drop spreader features a user-friendly and intuitive variable-speed digital control that offers flexible mounting options. With a 6-cubic-foot material capacity and a 36-inch spread width, the SnowEx drop spreader offers controlled application of bagged ice melters and bulk rock salt, making it the ultimate sidewalk spreading solution for use with UTVs, tractors and other compact vehicles.

* Fits Full Sized, Heavy-Duty Work UTVs & Tractors

Enhanced Variable-Speed Digital Control – Compact, Complete Control

  • Bright LED lights for better visibility and precise material flow adjustment.
  • Compact design with fewer wires simplifies the installation process.
  • Self-diagnostic digital display allows for troubleshooting from the cab.

Material Feed System – Sidewalk Saver

The Material Feed System saves time and material while minimizing turf damage, making it the ideal tool for maintaining sidewalks and other narrow areas. The precise material flow, 3-foot spreading width and unique drop ability allow you to place material exactly where it’s needed, preventing bounce and scatter into landscape beds. It also has a gateless design to prevent material leaks between applications.

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