deFOG Seed (Shock-dose Degreaser)

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Seed : Pipe Grease Control (Liquid Shock Dose)

6-gal pail, dispensed via metering pump or manually



Concentrated deFOG SEED microbes lay the groundwork for preventing both SSOs and the formation of solid grease mats in lift stations. They also promote bounce-back from treatment plant washouts, and help maximize sewer capacity.

  • Controls F.O.G, odors and maintenance costs.
  • Biodegradable, non-hazardous.
  • Only CO2 and H20 byproducts.
  • Bred to cultivate grease-eating biofilm and establish BOD-reducing culture base in sewer
  • SEED is available in 6-gallon pails

More Details : deFOG Seed PDF