deFOG Minimizer LIQ (Sewer Main Degreaser)

Minimizer LIQ : Pipe Grease Control (Liquid Maintenance Dose)

6-gal pail, dispensed via metering pump

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Drip-dispensed unobtrusively from an upstream manhole, Minimizer LIQ provides a potent, targeted solution for sewer mains with excessive and recurring F.O.G. (fats, oils and grease).

Bred especially to digest sewer grease, Minimizer LIQ microbes address the leading cause of SSOs and backups.

  • Controls F.O.G., odors and maintenance costs.
  • Biodegradable, non-hazardous.
  • Only CO2 and H20 as byproducts.
  • Dispensed automatically (shown left).
  • Winner of San Diego Grease Study.

More Details : deFOG MinimizerLIQ PDF