deFOG JetBugs (Degreasing Jetter Additive)

Jetting Water Additive

6-gal pail, dispensed via proprietary dispenser

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Bred to digest grease clogging mains, lift stations and manholes, deFOG JetBugs combines chemical and microbial degreasers to clean fast and effectively. JetBugs is a powerful first step in preventing SSOs and residential backups, and to boosting sewer capacity.

  • Controls F.O.G, odors and maintenance costs.
  • Digests grease, preventing it from reforming downstream.
  • Builds healthy grease-eating biofilm.
  • Biodegradable, non-hazardous.
  • Only CO2 and H20 as byproducts.
  • JetBugs is available in 6-gallon pails

More Details : deFOG JetBugs (Degreasing Jetter Additive) PDF