DBI/SALA Rescue Davis System

The DBI-SALA Rescue davit system is a free-standing system, and no separate tools are required to erect or operate it. The system separates into two main components: the four legged base assembly and the arm/winch assembly. Arm assembly pivots 360 degrees. Carrying handle on the arm/winch component and securing straps for transport. Bumpers on base and arm assemblies help prevent pinch points. Pivoting feet for secure footing on ground. Pulley on arm end for routing of winch line. The winch contains 50 ft. of Technora rope with self locking snap hook on end, and allows for raising and lowering. Holds load in position when handle is released. Winch with an optional “raise only “mode is available.Purpose: Provide a support structure for rescue operations. Four leg design and pivoting arm allows victim to be rotated out away from opening and lowered to ground in secure location. Comes complete with rescue winch to lower or raise victim to safe location. Portable rescue davit design allows for transport and storage. Synthetic winch lifeline for protection against electrical conductivity and sparking. Mfg. #8302500.



DBI/SALA Rescue Davis System



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