The Cyclone-Vac is custom designed with the Oil Field maintenance crew in mind. When your crew goes out for a service call or repairs, all the tools and power to operate them are on board. No calling in for additional crews or numerous trucks to accomplish a given task. In these times of economic slow down it is prudent to be efficient. The compactness of the Cyclone-Vac allows ease of access to small work areas. Whither it is accessing an underground utility, pumping out a pit, cleaning out a clogged pipe, sand blasting, or painting, or operating electric tools or pumps, the crew is prepared for the task. Underground work can be performed through a small opening which leaves minimum surface repair after work. The 80 lb. class hydraulic driven jack hammer gives access through concrete and asphalt.

Many options are available such as: a 100 ft vacuum hose reel; 250 ft. powered pressure water hose reel; 300 foot long jettering hose to clean pipe lines; An air compressor to operate hand tools or blow out liquid lines; A120volt electric generator for lighting at night and operating hand tools; A 220volt electric generator to operate pumps; An auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit to operate an 80lb. class jack hammer, or a 300 gpm submergible water pump or a concrete saw; A vacuum hose and wand for potholing, mud recovery, lift station cleaning, debris collection, storm water catch basin cleaning or man hole cleaning; A remote controlled, powered articulated boom arm; surface cleaning with solids-liquid separation and disposing of wash water into a sanitary sewer.


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