Bulk Pro™ Spreader



Bulk up with the SP-1575-1 and SP-1875-1. These tailgate salt spreaders can handle pretty much any type of material, including bulk salt, sand and salt/sand mix. SnowEx® first developed this concept in 1999, so when you use one of these spreaders, you’re putting years of field-proven performance to work.

* Fits UTVs, Tractors, Light-Duty Trucks & Up

Transverse Auger Transmission – It’s All in the Auger

The transverse auger transmission features a 12-volt electric motor for reliable operation and low maintenance. The auger uses heavy-duty, variable-pitch flighting, which provides balanced delivery of material to the spinner. This innovative system allows the tailgate spreaders to distribute bulk material with unmatched accuracy.






Inverted “V” – “V” for Victory

Bulk material can be a pain if your spreader isn’t designed to handle it. That’s why SnowEx developed the patented “V” baffle. Used in conjunction with a vibrator, this feature keeps material flowing consistently to the auger, so you don’t waste time unplugging the machine.

*Photo shows SP-1875-1.

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