BrineXtreme Ultimate



I need a brine maker capable of producing professional grade salt brine, custom blends, easy to manage and is capable of growing, should my needs change.


The BrineXtreme Ultimate. Through the use of automation and intelligent software, we’ve simplified the seemingly impossible. With the BrineXtreme Ultimate, you’ll be producing and blending professional grade salt brine at the touch of a button.



  • 100% automation, repeatability & self cleaning
  • Continuous production – up to 9,600 GPH
  • Salt hopper – 5 cu. yd. capacity, expandable to 8 cu. yd.
  • Mid-flow design
  • Industrial grade construction (stainless steel) and components
  • Precision salt brine concentration (23.3%) – accurate to 0.001 SG
  • Easily handles treated or untreated rock salt
  • Storage tank level monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • 10.4” LCD touch screen display
  • Remote access via LAN, cellular or WiFi
  • Blends brine with up to 4 additives
  • Blends brine with up to 3 micro ingredients
  • Variable fill rates (20-400 GPM)
  • Fills up to 3 trucks simultaneously
  • Field expandable