Big Pete Nozzle

Big Pete, equipped with a 1” FPT connection, is the big brother to the Petee nozzle and is also made for heavy duty pipe cleaning with steel construction and reinforced welded runners to help keep this nozzle centered in a pipe. Twelve rear dual degree 17° and 24° removable jet orifices provide 360° of powerful water jet streams to fully clean any heavy debris in the bottom of pipe such as sand, gravel, and heavy organic build-up. Has optional removable front jet orifice when penetrating and breaking up debris is needed. Performs best in 18” to 60” storm and sanitary pipes. For sewer cleaning machines up to 80GPM and up to 3000 PSI pump pressure.
Replacement jet orifices are available.


Rear jet angle: 17° and 24°
Diameter: 7 1/2”
Length: 23”
Weight: 28 lbs.
Made in the USA.



Part #                 FPT           Description           Rear Jet Degree            GPM               PSI
BP-301256        1”               Big Pete                17° and 24°                    55 to 60         1675 to 2000
BP-301280        1”               Big Pete                17° and 24°                    80                   1675 to 2000