AccuSpray™ VSS-1000-1 Liquid Sprayer

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The AccuSpray™ VSS 1000-1 may be the ultimate sidewalk sprayer for anti-icing treatment. With its 100-gallon capacity and 4-foot boom, the compact liquid sprayer conveniently fits UTVs. It’s the perfect solution for sidewalks and pedestrian walkways, and even comes equipped with a spot spraying wand for stairs and entryways.

Spray Wand – No Boundaries

  • Reaches areas where vehicles can’t go.
  • Comes with 50′ of hose on a 100′ reel.
  • Features durable design.






3-Position Nozzles – Choose Your WeaponAccuSpray™ VSS-1000-1

The three-position nozzles give the VSS-1000-1 extra versatility. Choose from triple-stream, single-stream and wide-fan application settings to accommodate any condition.

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