3/4” Bulldozer Nozzle

3/4” FPT Bulldozer nozzle is also commonly known as ‘The Contractor Nozzle.’ It is smaller in size than the Bulldozer nozzle, but still maintains a heavy duty steel construction, this heavy penetrating nozzle concentrates its cleaning to the bottom of the pipe to create a path through heavy build ups of sand sludge and larger solids.
It has five rear removable tungsten carbide orifices at 12° and a removable front carbide jet orifice to penetrate blockages. The Bulldozer performs well in pipe sizes up to 18” in diameter. The tungsten carbide jet orifices maintain top flow and calibration of the water jet action for the life of the nozzle which equals efficient use of water, energy and time in maintaining a water collection or sewer system. available for sewer cleaning machines up to 50 GPM and up to 3000 PSI pump pressure. Replacement jet orifices are available.


Rear jet angle: 12°
Diameter: 2 3/8”
Length: 12 1/2”
Weight: 9.1 lbs.
Made in the USA.




Part #                                 FPT              Description             Rear Jet Degree         GPM            PSI

UE48212-40/2000          3/4”             Bulldozer                  12°                                40                2000

UE48212-40/3000          3/4”             Bulldozer                  12°                                40                3000

UE48212-50/3000          3/4”             Bulldozer                  12°                                50                3000