Incline Vac Valve Maintenance Trailer

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The valve maintenance trailer is an efficient, user friendly valve exerciser with a simple clean appearance; which is a sign that attention to detail and craftsmanship is a major priority.




With the valve maintenance trailer and valve turner an operator can:

  • Safely pot hole and Hydro-Vacuum excavate to locate a buried utility;
  • Clean a valve box or meter box by using its hydro-vacuum excavation system;
  • replace a valve box or reset a valve box or meter box which has been damaged;
  • Remove asphalt or concrete from above and around a valve box using the hydraulic driven jack hammer or concrete saw;
  • Use the 300 GPM hydraulic driven submersible pump to remove large volumes of water from a pit or meter box;
  • Exercise 4”- 60” utility valves using the hydraulic driven valve exerciser torque wrench;
  • A remote controlled, articulated, powered boom with 13 feet of reach is used to position the valve exerciser torque wrench on to the utility valve;
  • For those hard to reach places on the other side of the fence or ditch; The hydraulic powered torque wrench can reach and exercise valves up to 40 feet from the Incline-Vac;
  • The Valve exerciser will count the number of rotations with an accuracy of 1 tenth of a rotation and measure the torque required for each tenth of a rotation while opening and closing the utility valve;
  • The Valve-X™ Electronic data gathering system is a fully automated data gathering and storage system, which only requires the operator to log in with an RFID tag and punch in an identifying number for the valve that is being exercised.
  • The Valve-X™ Electronic data gathering system uses the RFID tag to identify who the operator is and start the data gathering function. The GPS documents the date, starting time, latitude, longitude, elevation, & valve exercising completion time; sensors log the torque and count the rotations with an accuracy of 1 tenth of a revolution. The GPS accuracy is about 1 meter, which verifies which valve is being exercised. All data is stored on a thumb drive. At the end of each day’s work the thumb drive can be used for transferring the valve exercising data to a centralized GIS utility mapping system.
  • Exercise a fire hydrant and use the onboard fire hydrant diffuser to flush and test fire hydrants and de-chlorinate the water.
  • Select a Trailer mounted, 100 gallon Vacuum tank with a 100 gallon Water tank;
  • Select a Trailer mounted, 150 gallon Vacuum tank with a 150 gallon Water tank;
  • Select a Trailer mounted, 250 gallon Vacuum tank with a 200 gallon Water tank;
  • Select a Trailer mounted, 300 gallon Vacuum tank with a 200 gallon Water tank;
  • The Hydro excavators may be trailer mounted, skid mounted, truck mounted, Skid Steer mounted and ATV mounted.


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Incline-Vac Special Features

Plug & Play design allows extra options to be added as needed.

Incline design features:

  • Compact arrangement of the water tank, Vac tank and air filter
  • Concentrates the weight over the axles
  • Allows more water storage and reduces excess tongue weight
  • Incline design does not require Vac tank lifting mechanics
  • Trailer is shorter and compact for ease of assessing work areas
  • Inclined wet/dry air filters have self-cleaning feature
  • Fire hydrant fill system for the water tank

Remotely operated powered Vac tank door for easy access and cleaning

Powered drag bar inside of Vac tank for assisting to empty dirt, mud  and debris

Light weight, durable and flexible vacuum hose

User friendly, light weight, non-clogging  vacuum wand design


Special Options

Add a 100’ x 3” vacuum hose reel

Add a 200’ powered 4,000 psi water hose reel

Add auxiliary hydraulics to operate: jack hammer,
submergible water pump, rock drill, ground rod driver,
concrete saw, torque wrench, post driver, post puller, etc.

Add a user friendly jack hammer stand

Add an air compressor with a 25’ hose reel

Add a valve exerciser mounted on a 12’ boom arm

Add a 250’ jetter with a powered hose reel


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