Environmental clean up with the Clean & Recovery™ Vac

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Perform efficient environmental clean up and recovery of hazardous chemical spills and also do highway or freeway chemical spills clean ups.

Do surface cleaning of parking garages, parking lot surface cleaning, sidewalk surface cleaning, separate solids from liquid and recycle the liquid or dispose of the wash liquid in a sanitary drain. Clean and Recovery avoids allowing contaminated liquids from entering a storm drain. Hydro carbon absorption is also available for cleaning service stations or quickie marts or pumping out car wash pits or grease pits. Cleans carpet, tile, marble, house vinyl, roofs, wood decks, wood fences, swimming pools, airport runways, fishing docks, ect.

The surface cleaner simultaneously washes and vacuums up the dirt & wash water. No more chasing water. The quality of cleaning is improved. Cleaning time is reduced by  half. Operate a hand wash wand and the surface cleaner simultaneously. This machine has 180 degree hot water on board.

Custom designed to be the most convenient environmental clean up and surface cleaner available. The Clean and recovery Vac is available as a trailer mount, skid mount or truck mount. A clean all in one compact user friendly arrangement with all equipment and powered hose reels at your finger tip.


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